Splunk4Good Demonstrating the positive social impact of data Splunk believes data can make a difference. Splunk4Good extends Splunk's corporate values in support of positive social impact and change.

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Live Projects


eRegulations Insights

Developed in response to President Obama's Open Government Initiative, eRegulations Insights is a set of public dashboards. Decipher the tone of public response to regulatory proposals by exploring different agencies, volume of public comments, issues of concern addressed in public responses, and even online influencers to unearth who is influencing the debate and what people really think.


Connected Cars Analytics Explorer

Splunk Inc. and Ford Motor Company collaborated to analyze real-time automotive data to gain insight into driving patterns and vehicle performance. Using Ford OpenXC to gather data from connected vehicles, Splunk employees hit the streets of San Francisco in a Ford Focus Electric Vehicle and a gas-powered Ford Escape.


jQuery Foundation Portland Conf 2013

Splunk4Good and jQuery Foundation have partnered to track online visitor traffic and engagement for the 2013 jQuery Portland conference. Our teams have instrumented the site and used Splunk to collect and analyze all client-side events. A real-time user analytics dashboard and an interactive infographic allowed us to track traffic stats and answer various questions.


Hurricane Sandy
Social Media Analysis

Splunk4Good, working with Twitter data provided by DataSift is analyzing interesting metrics on the impact of Hurricane Sandy, such as fear, frustration, abandonment found on social media during this natural disaster. Check it out and share it! Wanna dig deeper, fill out the contact form for access


Rock The Vote Election

Splunk4Good and Rock the Vote have partnered to build a unique view into the 2012 U.S. Election. Our teams collaborated to build a Splunk powered visualization that displays a unique set of real-time political data about President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney .


Hurricane Sandy
Instagram Stream

Providing a unique pictorial account of Hurricane Sandy, Splunk4Good extracts Instagram images from tweets. View Hurricane Sandy through the photos of those in her path. This project shows over 1000 photos rendered for your exploration.


Federal Election Commission Data Explorer

The Splunk4Good Federal Election Commission data explorer is open to the public. Comprised of all campaign financial contributions over $250, this site allows for deep exploration by City, State, Zip Code, Occupation and even free-form explorer that allows you to choose how you "follow the money".


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